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ℹ️ Premium teams can now use Better with Slack! Better offers a  Slack companion for power users.

Slack Commands

You can type these commands directly into the chat box in slack

/better retros list - lists last 5 retros

/better retros create
- creates a new retro

/better actions create Stock the fridge - creates a new action with the text "Stock the fridge"

/better actions list - lists top 5 actions

/better stash create 6 new teams signed up - creates a new stash item with the text "6 new teams signed up"

/better stash list - lists last 5 actions

Slack Shortcuts

Add item to Stash

How to setup
To set up Slack, you will need to create a new user, a workspace and upgrade the workspace to a free trial of Premium:
Please note that a Slack Administrator will need to also enable 'Email Display' in the Slack Workspace Administrator settings. See here for more information.

OAuth Permissions
We want to be transparent about the permission scopes we require from Slack, so here they are.
app_mentions:read View messages that directly mention @better in conversations that the app is in
chat:write Send messages as @better
chat:write.public Send messages to public channels @better isn't explicitly a member of e.g., respond to commands
commands Add shortcuts and/or slash commands that people can use
incoming-webhook Post messages to specific channels in Slack
users.profile:read View profile details about people in a workspace
users:read View people in a workspace View email addresses of people in a workspace (for Better account linking)